The boyfriend becomes the fiancé

Welcome to my new blog. I’m Sophie –  known to some as Sophie Hostick, and others as Sophie Kingo – and my boyfriend of three years is Jeffrey – known to some as Projectbrownman, others as Jeremy Whitechick and most as Jeffrey Boakye. And now, Jeffrey is hoping that I will soon be Sophie Boakye. Yep, that’s right. Projectbrownman and I are now engaged to be married. As of 9th December 2010.

But before we go on, let’s step back three years to November 2007 and one fateful night in East Dulwich. I was visiting my sister, Lisa, for the weekend to take her to see the Arcade Fire at Ally Pally on Monday 19th; I had bought tickets as a treat seeing as she was struggling through her Secondary PGCE. Lisa and Leo (her boyfriend and fellow PGCE-er) had been invited to their PGCE friend Jack’s house/hat party on the Saturday, so naturally we all took the trek to south of the Thames, me in beret, to the party.

And there I met… Jeffrey, my now fiancé. I think this may well be the first photo ever taken of the two of us, below, complete with bored of the DJ faces, and me without a ring on my third finger:

And this wasn’t the only time I saw Jeffrey that weekend. We met up on the Monday and Jeffrey made the trip up to Hull the following weekend. If you want to read more on that you can, here. The rest, they say, is history.

So, fast forward three years and a lot has changed: one 9 month long long-distance relationship (Hull to London); one trip to Berlin; one move down to London from Hull into a shitty houseshare; one trip to the Lake District; one move into rented flat in Finsbury Park together; one trip to Denmark; one trip to Ghana; one flat purchased on mortgage together; and one trip to Barcelona and Valencia later and Jeffrey proposed to me.  But how did he do it?

Well, it was a normal day at work. Jeffrey had Yr 13 parents’ evening (he’s an English teacher, not a parent, nor a Yr 13 student) so wasn’t home till 8.45pm, and I had already eaten the beef stew I’d made, despite attempts from my Mother to wait for Jeffrey to get in and eat together. Then, having finished writing Christmas cards and getting Jeff to sign his name in them all, I settled down to watch Bruce Almighty. Come 11.30pm, and rather annoyed that it was late and I wasn’t yet in bed, I went in the bathroom for the usual getting-ready-for-bed routine. On going back into the bedroom Jeff  called me through into the living room. I opened the door to a rather romantic scene of a single lit candle and Jeffrey next to the Christmas tree. I knew something monumental was pending. And I didn’t just want it to happen because will you marry me? seemed to be the phrase of the moment amongst our peers. But Jeffrey joined the exclusive one knee club and those very words came out of his mouth whilst he was down on one knee clutching a little back velvet Tiffany box with a princess cut solitaire diamond platinum ring (you can see the beauty at the top of the page). My answer was yes, of course, but only “as long as you’re not only asking me because everyone else is getting married”.

Jeffrey had emailed my Mum and Dad to ask their permission the night before, and had planned to wait until Christmas or New Year to ask me. However, with ring burning a hole in his pocket and the question on the tip of his tongue he couldn’t wait till then and we are now betrothed. And here we are, two days ago, on Christmas Eve next to my parents’ Christmas tree:

So, the planning starts. And this is where this blog comes in. I’m going to be posting all that annoys and excites me about planning our wedding day. And, eventually will be sharing what happened on the day. But first, let me just say this. Our wedding day is a means to an end for us. It marks the beginning of the rest of our lives together, rather than what is often, for some, a chance to be centre of attention for a day.



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