Tips for a smooth wedding (1)

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of having the flat to myself for a few hours, as Jeffrey was kept back at school by a Senior Awards evening. Having been ill for the past five days I was taking it easy and thought a little wedding planning in front of the television might be achievable.

My colleague, Vicki, got engaged in March 2010 and planned a wedding for between 150-200 guests by September 2010, along with the task of finding and furnishing a new home for her and her husband to be – no mean feat. Now those of you who know Vicki from work will know that she is a serious project lead. What Vicki doesn’t know about managing projects and gantt charts (a graphical representation of the duration of tasks against the progression of time) frankly isn’t worth knowing, which is probably how she managed to pull off the onerous task she faced. Therefore, when Vicki offered me her project management Microsoft Excel workbook complete with gantt chart, ‘phase’ information and budget sheets,  I jumped at the chance to use it.

So Thursday night was the night to transform Vicki’s wedding workbook into mine – changing the ‘phases’ to suit our own ideas, adding and removing elements from Vicki’s ‘phases’, lengthening time frames, moving elements around and amending the guest list. I might also add here that, being a self-confessed formula geek, I developed self calculating cells to analyse my guest list. I know there are definites, probablies, maybes and nos on there so incorporated formulae to monitor that, along with adult/child status. Anal, perhaps, and a little unnecessary for a small wedding guest list of approx 50-60, but it works for me.

So where is this blog post going, what does it have to do with tips for a smooth wedding, and what can you expect from similar posts in the future? Why, it’s a few hints and tips of course, of what I’m learning – from various sources – about what one should and shouldn’t do in the run up to their big day. Here are a couple to start us off:

  1. Invest time in some decent wedding planning tools that work for you. For some this may be Excel and gantt charts, while for others it may be a physical wedding planner/folder. Alternatively, for those with serious cheese, an actual living, breathing wedding planner may be an option (see Franck from Father of the Bride). If you would like me to share my Excel workbook I’m more than willing. Just drop me a line.
  2. Find a ‘buddy’ who has been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Vicki planned a lovely wedding in just 6 months and is keen to hear all my progress on planning, offering some pearls of wisdom as we go along. Though I fear this may be more because I made a point of bugging (read mocking) her all through her planning stage on where she was with her ‘phases’.



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2 responses to “Tips for a smooth wedding (1)

  1. I would like this programme for planning my dissertation so that it is complete by the time I go to the US of A on 1st August…
    I know it’s not quite the same as planning a wedding but I need a kick up the arse!
    You have my email address (though I’m rubbish with Excel so you may well have to show me what to do).

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