Tips for a smooth wedding (2)

A few days ago I discussed a couple of tips around wedding planning thanks to getting mine underway with  a glorious Excel workbook and gantt chart. When I sat down to start planning on Thursday night I had intended to watch BBC iPlayer for a bit of decent telly. Until I stumbled across something that would compliment the beginning moves of wedding planning – Runaway Bride. And did I learn things from that?!

For those of you who don’t know Runaway Bride here’s a quick summary: 1999. Romcom. Maggie (Julia Roberts) is afraid of marriage (gametophobia). Maggie has achieved tabloid fame by leaving three men standing at the alter. New York reporter Ike (Richard Gere) travels to Maggie’s home town to write a feature on Maggie. Maggie is preparing for her forth attempt to marry. This time it’s Bob. Ike befriends the couple. Sparks begin to fly between Ike and Maggie. At the rehearsal the night before the actual wedding Ike stands in as vicar. Maggie walks down the aisle, eyes transfixed on Ike. Ike and Maggie kiss. The wedding is off between Bob and Maggie. Ike and Maggie agree to marry the next day. Maggie leaves Ike standing at the alter and flees in the open door of a FedEx van. Ike goes back to New York. Maggie goes to New York and proposes to Ike. Maggie hangs up her trainers. Ike and Maggie marry in a field. The end.

Riveting stuff. Anyway, I learnt a few things from this film. And here they are. Your tips for today:

  1. If you have a fear of getting married, don’t say yes.
  2. Don’t run away from the alter.
  3. Don’t kiss someone else the night before the wedding, especially not in front of your fiancé.
  4. If there’s a risk you may run away, try not to have any mode of transport around to allow you to. No horses and certainly no FedEx vans.


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