The Any Campaign

In thinking about what Jeffrey and my wedding day could be like I’ve thought about all sorts of venues. I seem to spend a lot of time thinking about and keeping an eye out for potential reception venues – this includes time spent on bus journeys to Camden and Angel, walks around Bethnal Green, and a drive to Oakwood for Priest and Monk Agyeku’s (a friend of the Boakye family) 50th birthday. I’ve also spent many an hour browsing the intern for ideas – be it from Facebook, wedding blogs, wedding magazines etc.

Corinne, a work friend of mine, is currently on a 6 month sabbatical back in her home country of New Zealand so that she can catch up with family and friends, and get to attend two of her close friends’ weddings. One of these weddings was just before Christmas, in a sunny spring Wellington (I think) and it was outdoors in what looks like beautifully landscaped gardens, with a small gazebo and sunglasses galore. It looked glorious. And what a lovely idea.

Just a few days prior to browsing the photos of this wedding I came across the Any Campaign. It turns out, while outdoor weddings seem to be very popular in countries across the globe – be it woodland, beach, or garden, as per the examples below – open air weddings are not permitted in England. The law states that a marriage ceremony venue must have a roof, be moored to its foundations, and be licensed by the local registrar. In addition, regulations set in 1937 state weddings must take place between 8am and 6pm, apparently to stop people marrying the wrong partner in the dark in the days before electricity.

This seems such a shame when there are some wonderful outdoor locations in Britain where I’m sure many many people would love to tie the knot. Therefore someone somewhere has set up the Any Campaign – a campaign to get the law changed on open air weddings. Sign the petition. Then we can get thinking on how we can improve the British weather to hope that it won’t rain on our big open air wedding day.


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