Quick Hull Ceremony Rant

It may come as no surprise to some of you that we’re not really getting anywhere on the wedding front. This has undoubtedly led to me really hating this period of my life that I’m supposed to be enjoying. Right at this moment, I’m finding the idea of planning a whole wedding a complete turn off, wondering how we can get married with as little fuss and pain as possible. This had led Jeff and me to have a complete rethink about our wedding day, with lots of different options arsing – both favourable and otherwise.

At the weekend, when in Denmark with my parents and sister, the option of having the wedding in Hull/East Yorkshire arose. This started off some serious thought about how that would work, and led to me getting carried away with other minor wedding/honeymoon details. Today and yesterday were the days to look into this option a little further – more specifically where we could hold the civil ceremony.

So, I made a phone call to Walkergate House, Beverley to see what our options are on that front. It turns out it’s much cheaper than the beautiful Islington Town Hall, but that both ceremony rooms hold only 40 people. This is a somewhat lower number than the 55 we were hoping for and which consequently we think is the minimum we can get away with. So I’ve started looking at other alternatives. This is not proving easy. In my search I’ve discovered three Hull city centre options. So how do these options fare?

  • Hull Guildhall – looks lovely (external picture below) and could be a goer. Only they didn’t share the cost with me over the phone so I eagerly await their wedding brochure to find out whether this is over our budget.
  • Hull City Hall – doesn’t cater for the ceremony only on a Saturday. But at £180 for a Friday afternoon this could suit.
  • Hull Registry Office – as far as I’m aware this place is not up our street.

But what have I learnt from this? If you want to get married somewhere nice in and around the West Hull villages/ Hull city centre you need to want to get married in a church or a hotel. And from earlier posts you’ll know that neither of these are up our street.   

The search continues…


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