The Running of the Brides

Apparently Running of the Brides is a big deal. A few days a year,  Filene’s Basement holds Running of the Brides days across the US where brides-to-be go to “find their dream dress at a bargain price”. Some people camp out overnight to get through the doors first, whilst others prefer to take their time and arrive later. But everyone goes home with “a treasure trove of memories”.

Filene’s Basement dedicated Running of the Brides webpage helpfully provides us brides-to-be with some top tips to survive the day. My favourites are:

  • know what to expect
  • recruit a team and assign jobs
  • create team unity by wearing something matching – this will also help you find each other in the crowd of insanely annoying hysterical women (ok ok, I added a bit to that one)
  • dress smart
  • leave your handbag at home or pack light

Now, for those of you who need more clarification on what Running of the Brides entails, the BBC has kindly helped us out by featuring ROTB in Boston last week (but sadly the Beeb won’t let me embed this).

This kind of crap fills me with dread. Here’s why:

  • I don’t believe there’s a “dress of my dreams”
  • I don’t want to look at 3000 dresses
  • I couldn’t handle hoards of screaming, running women
  • I have no interest in grabbing “everything that we can get” to try on
  • Or fighting over “any single dress”
  • I like to know which way I should go
  • I don’t want to take lots of women for their opinion
  • I don’t have a Grandma to get the opinion of
  • I don’t want to try on 125 dresses and subsequently start “losing count”
  • I don’t want to “get extremely anxious or overwhelmed”
  • I don’t need my friends to squeal when I find “the dress”
  • I certainly don’t need to tell my friends to “squeal” when I find “the dress”
  • And I don’t need “the dress to add to my wonderful day of marrying my **chiché alert** ‘soulmate'”

I think I’ll make do with my quiet trip to House of Fraser thanks.


***addition – courtesy of my sister, Lisa, here’s the Friends episode where Monica, Phoebe and Rachel go to a Running of the Bride event***:


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