Well, for saying that at the start of the month we hadn’t decided on the date of our wedding or the venues for our wedding, we’ve made a fair bit of progress. According to my gantt chart we should have the following under our belts by now:

  • date set
  • ceremony venue booked
  • reception venue booked
  • agreed guest list
  • look at catering options (if we choose a venue without internal catering)
  • make and send out ‘save the date’ cards
  • choose the best man and bridesmaid
  • think about my dress

And it seems we’re not doing too badly.  The date is set for 20 August 2011. That’s 22 weeks today, five months tomorrow or, according to my trusty count down clock on our official wedding website, 154 days. Both venues are booked – Hull City Hall and my parents’ house (more on that soon as I don’t think I’ve yet gone into that on this blog). We’ve agreed the guest list and sent out ‘save the date’ cards. We’ve booked the caterer after a bit of faffing and problem solving by my parents, and I’ve bought a dress.

I chose my bridesmaid in January. Yep, singular. Just the one – my sister. Primarily as it’s a small wedding, but also because I don’t feel the need for a big bridal party despite having some wonderful friends who, if we were having the full wedding works, I’d call up for bridesmaid service in a flash. Last week Jeffrey asked his friend Mike (also known as Tee) to be best man. Again, singular. No need for groomsmen here.

So that’s everything ticked off. And after a long and tiring day round Westfield London I can safely say we’re entirely and completely on top of our plan. Even ahead of it. We’ve done all that above, and more. And that makes me very happy.

Today we rather unexpectedly bought our rings. Both of them. Not matching, but both from Tiffany & Co. I collected my dress – alterations and all – and bought some wedding pants. And finally, Jeffrey bought his rather lovely Hugo Boss suit, had it pinned and is getting it altered ready for collection later in the week. So I’m pleased to say it feels like we’re flying.

Next task? The honeymoon…


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