A wedding infographic

I love a good infographic. Sadly, I haven’t come across many wedding related infographics with a British focus, but tonight I have.

First, here’s a little run down of the facts that surprise me somewhat, and how they differ to our experience:

  • 61% of brides choose their own engagement ring. Jeffrey chose mine and I always had absolute faith in him that he’d know what to go for. If he doesn’t know me enough to know what I’d like in an engagement ring does he know me enough to marry me?
  • the average spent on invitations is £500. Outrageous. Our invitations must have cost all of £40 tops.
  • the average cost of wedding flowers is £750. We’re buying my bouquet, my bridesmaid’s bouquet and three button holes (though I did originally consider making them myself). But otherwise my parents are growing the flowers for the tables. This won’t cost more than £200 all in.
  • the average spend on bridemaids’ dresses is £1,000. We bought my sister’s Monsoon dress on Ebay for £30 (<1/3 of the original price).
  • the average wedding dress costs £1,500. I’ll let you into a secret – mine cost <1/5 of that and is just as beautiful…in my opinion.
  • 88% of brides will take their husband’s surname upon marriage – see my previous post for my thoughts on this.
  • the average length of an engagement is 18 months. Ours? Eight.
  • 7% of couples won’t be living together when they get married. This I find bizarre.
  • the average age for a bride is 29. I’m not surprised by this. Today I was telling colleagues (and the girl who I go to to get waxed) that I, all of a sudden, feel too young to be getting married. Now in the grand scheme of things I’m not far off the average (I’m 27). But my Scottish colleague and I agreed that feeling young is to do with living in London. Up north people seem to get married younger than in London.
  • the 10 most expensive weddings ever start at approx £1.5m and top at approx £63m. Get real.

Infographic by Policy Expert (policyexpert.co.uk)


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