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Wedding crafts 1: bunting and birds

As you probably would have read some time ago, I was having some problems with the dreaded wedding ‘theme’. There was just one thing Jeffrey and I were sure of – we didn’t want a theme to dictate the look and feel of our wedding – whether it be something bearable like a specific colour, or something slightly more tacky such as James Bond. Our ‘theme’, if you want to call it that, turned out to be a mish mash of things that equal ‘us’ – creative/British/Ghanaian/Danish/colourful/homemade.

And boy, was there some homemade stuff at our wedding?! First up, as you’ll have seen before, were the Save the Date cards for which we used the font my sister had a hankering to design. Next to make an appearance were the invitations – using Ghanaian and Danish/English style fabric (I like to sew), paper hearts featuring definitions of love and marriage (bringing in Jeffrey’s teacher element) and inserts using the wedding font.

So here’s the first of a few posts to share what else we (Jeffrey, my Mum, Dad, sister  and I) made.

Birds and bunting

Carrying on from the invitations and the use of fabric, and previous items I’ve made for our flat and as Christmas presents, Jeffrey and I thought it’d be a lovely idea to make some birds out of Ghanaian and Danish/English fabrics. But why? Well, you may remember my post a few months ago about favours and how hideous and massively pointless they can be – Eiffel Tower candle and high heel bottle opener spring to mind. But if we made some birds they could double up as decorations for what could otherwise be quite a bland, bare and beige marquee. So, my Mum and I stepped to it – me making the Ghanaian ones, and us both splitting the Danish/English ones.

In addition, I decided that it’d be great to use bunting in the marquee, and as I have previously made some bunting out of Ghanaian cloth I thought I would add more flags to that and make some more out of the English/Danish fabric used for the birds. At the same time, my Mum was busy making bunting of her own for our big day.

I can honestly say I am so glad we decided to make birds and bunting – they brought some much needed fun and colour to the marquee and looked beautiful. Even if I do say so myself:

photos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 courtesy of Lisa Kingo and photos 5 and 6 courtesy of Lizzi Ann via Facebook. Thanks lovelies! x






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