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Wedding Crafts 3: flags

There’s possibly nothing a Dane loves more than flags (and hearts, but more on that later). More notably, the Dannebrog – the flag of Denmark.

A short history lesson for you – the Dannebrog is the oldest state flag in the world still in use by an independent nation. Legend has it that the flag fell from heaven during the Battle of Lyndanisse during the Northern Crusades in 1219, giving the flailing Danish army (who caught it before it touched the ground) hope and leading them to victory. The Dannebrog was – obviously – a gift from God and has been the flag of Denmark ever since, having never touched the floor or been hoisted at night.

Ever since, the Danes have used the Dannebrog for everything – birthdays, deaths, weddings, Christenings, etc. – with many Danes having flag poles in their gardens. This has always been a tradition of my nuclear family’s too, with my Mum bringing out the miniature flag to sit proudly on our table on birthdays (since we never had a full size flag pole here in the UK). Here’s a picture of me and my Mum in 2006 celebrating her birthday with the Dannebrog taking pride of place in front of the birthday girl:

So, of course, the Dannebrog had to feature in our wedding day, and with that we couldn’t miss out the Union Flag or the Flag of Ghana in our celebrations.

As I may have said previously, we chose to have a Danish wedding cake (kransekage) instead of a traditional English fruit cake. I’m not a fan of fruitcake and think kransekage is so much nicer – made of almonds, sugar, egg whites and marzipan displayed in rings and decorated with flags. So for this we needed small flags of the three nations that play a part in our lives. A difficult task – especially for Ghana which, it seems, doesn’t feel the need to use cocktail stick flags (heaven knows why not!). The only thing for it was to make some flags – a job I happily passed on to Jeffrey. So, here are two photos – one of Jeffrey making the flags and one of the two kransekager and a traditional Ghanaian Nkate Cake made of peanuts and sugar, made kindly by one of Jeffrey’s Aunties.




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Wedding Invitations

Well, the date is fast approaching – we are now less than 11 weeks away from our wedding – so the next thing to do seemed to be wedding invitations.

Now, etiquette says wedding invitations should be sent out at least 6 weeks before the wedding. But what with us inviting people from Denmark, France and London to travel up to the beautiful East Yorkshire for our wedding, we thought we ought to send our invitations out sooner. But what did we want out invitations to look like?

Way back when, I discussed the dreaded wedding theme. In this I quoted how the wedding website Confetti said that wedding invitations should reflect the style choice for our day – be it a theme (e.g. football) or a colour (e.g. pink and brown). The aim of such a theme is to “create a unique style and mood for your celebrations”. 

You may remember that I suggested that the theme of our wedding could be ‘us’ – that is, something that is a reflection of us. So I guess that means creative/British/Ghanaian/Danish, which led us to colour and homemade – with our very own font (see our Save the Date cards).

And there was no way I was going to order ready made cards when I could blatantly make them myself to some style that suits us perfectly.

So, out came the  sewing paraphernalia, the scraps of Ghanaian and English/Danish style fabric, print-outs of the definitions of love and marriage and the blank A6 windowed cards I’d bought online, and I made I start.

I thought it would be great to use fabric that show our heritage, dictionary definitions that would link into Jeffrey’s love of English language and literature, and sewing that passes a lot of my time.

I cut hearts out of the pieces of paper with definitions on, and sewed them onto little squares of fabric to fit in the window of the cards:


I then used the font that my sister Lisa designed to design the inside of the invitations, along with the travel information and gift list inserts. Put them all in the card, stuck a sticker of Jeffrey and me on the back, put them in the envelopes, et voila. Invitations done. And I am very pleased with myself as I love them, and sincerely hope the recipients do too.

And you can see them all below (minus 3 which I made later than these). I’m thinking I could make some of these to sell, so if anyone wants, or knows anyone who wants any making, to a particular theme, then get in touch!



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