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Wedding crafts 1: bunting and birds

As you probably would have read some time ago, I was having some problems with the dreaded wedding ‘theme’. There was just one thing Jeffrey and I were sure of – we didn’t want a theme to dictate the look and feel of our wedding – whether it be something bearable like a specific colour, or something slightly more tacky such as James Bond. Our ‘theme’, if you want to call it that, turned out to be a mish mash of things that equal ‘us’ – creative/British/Ghanaian/Danish/colourful/homemade.

And boy, was there some homemade stuff at our wedding?! First up, as you’ll have seen before, were the Save the Date cards for which we used the font my sister had a hankering to design. Next to make an appearance were the invitations – using Ghanaian and Danish/English style fabric (I like to sew), paper hearts featuring definitions of love and marriage (bringing in Jeffrey’s teacher element) and inserts using the wedding font.

So here’s the first of a few posts to share what else we (Jeffrey, my Mum, Dad, sister  and I) made.

Birds and bunting

Carrying on from the invitations and the use of fabric, and previous items I’ve made for our flat and as Christmas presents, Jeffrey and I thought it’d be a lovely idea to make some birds out of Ghanaian and Danish/English fabrics. But why? Well, you may remember my post a few months ago about favours and how hideous and massively pointless they can be – Eiffel Tower candle and high heel bottle opener spring to mind. But if we made some birds they could double up as decorations for what could otherwise be quite a bland, bare and beige marquee. So, my Mum and I stepped to it – me making the Ghanaian ones, and us both splitting the Danish/English ones.

In addition, I decided that it’d be great to use bunting in the marquee, and as I have previously made some bunting out of Ghanaian cloth I thought I would add more flags to that and make some more out of the English/Danish fabric used for the birds. At the same time, my Mum was busy making bunting of her own for our big day.

I can honestly say I am so glad we decided to make birds and bunting – they brought some much needed fun and colour to the marquee and looked beautiful. Even if I do say so myself:

photos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 courtesy of Lisa Kingo and photos 5 and 6 courtesy of Lizzi Ann via Facebook. Thanks lovelies! x






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No more wedding planning

Well folks. That’s it. My wedding planning days are behind me. Jeffrey and I got married on 20th August this year. That’s an amazing 11 days ago. Crikey. I can’t believe it was quite so long ago, yet strangely it also seems ages ago.

Jeffrey and I traveled up to East Yorkshire in Jeffrey’s Mum’s car on the Sunday, me having taken a week off for the run up to the wedding. And it’s a good job too, the amount of stuff we had to take up with us and the amount left to do.

Here’s a run down of our week:


We had hoped we could take a ride out to the coast  to enjoy some good August sunshine, but alas my shawl wasn’t yet complete, the weather wasn’t great, Jeffrey wasn’t feeling it and there was still so much to do, so a day at home knitting and writing was necessary. This was broken up with a trip to choose the marquee carpet – second hand I might add to save money (we went for honey beige) – and a visit to the Registrar to deliver our certificate for marriage so that all could go ahead on Saturday. A lovely trip to the local with friends Lizzi, Dave, Nat and Katie followed this and was a great distraction from wedding stuff, apart from for Jeff and Dave who were caught talking wedding more than the rest of us.


A major day – the marquee arrival and assembly. It was a snug fit and we started to realise just how big it was. Finally everything was starting to feel a little bit more real. But, we couldn’t sit and watch it go up, nor make tea for the workmen all day, we had to pay a visit to Hull City Hall where we were having our ceremony to deliver the music  for my entrance and our exit and make sure that everything was in order. Jeffrey and I realised that not having a church wedding can leave you feeling a little unprepared. No rehearsal for us. We simply received a transcript of the ceremony from the Registrar a few weeks before the wedding and had to rock up on the day to go through the wedding once and once only. Luckily this trip to Hull City Hall allowed me a lonely trial walk down the aisle (no Father on the arm this time) and clarification that the number of chairs in the room was greater than the number we were expecting – much to my relief.

We followed this up with a visit to everyone’s favourite Hobbycraft for last minute wedding supplies and to deliberate over what colour card and glue to go for. Oh weddings do force you in to some tough decisions.


Hair trial and another try of my dress one last time to finally be happy with it. You’ll probably know I was swaying back and forth on whether I liked my dress or not for some weeks before the wedding at one point even half expected to want to buy a new one when I got to Hull. But while my Mum, Lizzi and I were deciding that my dress was right, the boys (that’s my Dad, Jeffrey and nextdoor neighbour Brian) were becoming carpet fitters extraordinaire – fitting our honey beige carpet and vacuuming and sweeping like professionals. Watching all this activity brought on a migraine for me, so I quietly took a tablet and very steadily continued with my (still unfinished) shawl while the whole horde (Mum included) went off to the Danish Church to pick up (just a large van full of) essentials – tables, chairs, table cloths, cutlery and crockery, without which the reception wouldn’t have happened, or would have but at a cost of thousands (see here for a moan on wedding costs).


Thursday brought the task of marquee decorating – hanging stuff, positioning all the stuff we’d made (more on that in another post), moving tables and realising how much extra space we had than originally expected, setting up  the sound system, deciding on the seating plan and table setting – for which my very good friend and previous partner in waitressing crime Lizzi came to help with. Then my Aunt from Denmark arrived, we ate Chinese and it was back out to the marquee for me and Jeff where I folded napkins, put out place cards and made sure the marquee was watertight – and worried only slightly about the weather ahead of us – as the August rain lashed down.


Then came Friday, the day before the wedding, and more arrivals – first my Uncle and Aunt from Denmark who arrived into Hull from Rotterdam at 7am, then Jeff’s Mum and two aunties (who were swiftly collected from Hull Paragon Station and delivered to Village Hotel), followed by Lisa and Leo who had landed only the day before after 3 weeks in the US, Jeffrey’s cousin Nana and her family, his sister Marcia and BK and OKBK, and finally the Simpe-Asante horde.

My friends Lizzi and Hannah came around for some cutting and sticking and cutlery and glass polishing to make sure the marquee was ship shape, while my Mum was busy baking in the kitchen. The day was rounded off with a pedicure courtesy of Lizzi and then a family meal at Crofters restaurant in Anlaby with the Danes.  My plans for an early night in my big lonely bed (Jeff was staying all alone in the Holiday Inn Express in Hull) were quashed when Jeff rang at 10.30 reminding me of the Ghanaian Nkate Cake that had made it’s way up from London with Marcia. His 11.15 delivery meant a later night than needed, but hey ho.


Then it was Saturday. The big day. And boy, had Jeffrey made the right decision going to a hotel?! We still had lots to do – a final sweeping, flowers for the marquee, getting our hair done, stocking the bar, making sure everything necessary was done, and finally getting dressed before making our way to Hull City Hall.

But more on the actual wedding day can come in another post. In the meantime here are a few marquee prep photos for you to enjoy.

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