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Wedding crafts 2: place cards

Next up in the things we made for our wedding list is placecards.

Now I’ve been to a few weddings where table plans have been set but individual places haven’t leaving no need for place cards. And this as an option didn’t actually occur to me until we were at the Howards’ wedding 4 weeks before our own. By this time I had already done half of the work on our place cards, and thinking about it a little more we felt that for some of our tables it would be best to have set places – so I carried on with the task in hand.

In making our wedding invitations I used pre-made windowed A6 cards and filled the window with a square of Ghanaian or Danish/English fabric and a paper heart with the dictionary definitions of love and marriage.

For our place cards I thought I would slightly adapt this idea. First I cut out 114 rectangles out of scraps of Ghanaian and Danish/English fabrics. Then, using the wedding font, I printed each guest’s name on to paper and cut them out onto heart shapes. I also printed a thank you note for the back. I sewed each heart and thank you note on to separate rectangles of fabric then sewed both pieces of fabric (one Ghanaian, the other Danish/English) together before trimming the edges with pinking shears.

Et voila – 57 name places, each different and each completely homemade.


Photos 4, 5 and 6 courtesy of Lisa Kingo


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